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    Mad is a powerful open-source adventure game engine and interpreter, ideally suited for old (non-parser) Sierra-style (King's Quest, Hero's Quest, Space Quest, etc...) adventures, but can be adjusted to other tastes as well.
    With Mad you can create your own graphical adventure games for free, with: high or low resolution, mp3 audio, A* pathfinding, alpha-blending, cross-platform support, and more. For more complete list of what Mad can do, check out the manual or the FAQ page. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post them up on the forums.

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September 1st, 2003The OxEdit syntax definition file has been updated for v2.0.
August 24th, 2003Mad v2.0 Released! Bug fixes, etc, everything I've done for the past year, see files page.
July 22nd, 2002Mad v1.9 Released!!!! Bunch of new features, everything in one file, see files page.
April 14th, 2002Added support for multiple simulatneous mp3's and mp3 sound effects. (Not in v1.5 beta) Also updated the manual and faq page.
Mar 3rd, 2002Mad v1.5 beta Released!!! New Interpreter, tools, and updated runtimes. Check the files page.
Mar 3rd, 2002

A little different site design. :)

Feb 9th, 2002

I added line number, filename, and function info to all error messages in the script. Also I've been compiling with Allegro 4.0, and almp3 1.6.

Jan 5th, 2002I added to functions to MAD for more consistency, "GetCurSpell" and "GetCurItem." The manual has been updated. Also a minor bug in 'AddItemToInv' was removed.
Dec 18th, 2001I updated the manual and the OxEdit style definition file a bit.
Dec 14th, 2001I moved the forums over to ezboard, and have come up with a method to edit MAD scripts with colored syntax, read about it on the FAQs page.
October 27th, 2001Now compiling Mad with Allegro WIP 3.9.39.
October 25th, 2001Fixed a "RemoveItemFromInv()" bug, caused when a quantity was specified.
October 14th, 2001Released Mad v1.2 beta! Recompiled Mad with almp3 v1.5.
September 24th, 2001Manual updated. Added TTF font support in MAD via Javier Gonzalez's alfont library.
August 6th, 2001Manual updated (fixed some typos). Added support in Mad for more extensibility with ButtonBars. Enlarged pixel search area in wasc when clicking on unwalkable areas.
August 2nd, 2001Added two Object Flags: OBJFLAG_DRAWASBKG/FRG, now you can have animated dirt and clouds! :) (see manual, not available in v1.0 beta). Also, TheDeath implemented fast qsorting into the drawing algorithm.
July 31st, 2001Mad v1.1 beta has been released! Now you can check out those new features listed below.
July 18th, 2001Added GFXFilter functions for the screen, objects and masks to the manual, (not available in v1.0 beta)
July 10th, 2001Updated Mad to use AllegroMP3 v1.3;
(see manual, not available in v1.0 beta)
July 5th, 2001Added function 'SetMadSpeed' to manual
(not available in v1.0 beta)
July 3rd, 2001Mad v1.0 beta has been released! Get it on the download page.
June 23rd, 2001Added some new functions to MAD and the manual (4.3).
June 21st, 2001Updated manual again, added scene creation tutorial.
June 12th, 2001Added two screenshots from an unreleased version of Hero6.

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